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Membership with the Pasadena Village




Programs & Services


The Village Office connects members to professional and volunteer services. We develop our list of available services based on member feedback. Learn more about how our members request services.

Many volunteer services are offered free with membership. Our small staff  has trained a corps of dedicated volunteers and continues to develop a diverse list of outside service providers and partner organizations.

Services include:


• Assistance with technology

• Local transportation

• Minor household repairs and chores

• Referrals to outside service providers other members have used
• Temporary meal assistance









Social Activities


A key element of the Pasadena Village is our commitment to social interaction and personal well-being. We know that aging adults may experience increasing isolation and a shrinking sense of independence and self-worth, especially after retirement. But being a member of the Pasadena Village means that we work together to enrich each other's lives. And the Village offers plenty of social activities and programs to help us keep busy...


•Planned social events, including visits to museums, picnics, outdoor adventures, book and movie clubs, and much more! Our social events are often suggested by members, so if you have an idea, we can make it happen.
• Volunteer opportunities that allow you to give back to the community by directly helping your fellow members or serving on our planning committees.
• Educational programs for health, recreation, and home safety adaptation.
• New friendships and affinity groups.  The Village makes it easy to connect to others with similar interests.





Ready to join? Here's how! 




Membership Fees
Individual person - $720 per year
Two-person household - $960 per year
Scholarships are available for people with limited incomes
Speak with staff to inquire about setting up a payment schedule that suits your needs.
Call 626-765-6037 to learn more.