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Pasadena Village dues

Membership fees cover less than 40% of our annual expenses. The balance comes from grants, donations and fund raising for our non-profit organization.


Many of the benefits of membership are intangible – more things to do, broadening your world, making new friends walking the same path as you and having a secure sense of community. Some advantages are concrete: getting a ride, having a meal delivered, having someone fix a leaky faucet or change lightbulbs, go out to dinner, attend an educational or cultural program, go hiking, play ping pong, write memoires… the list is longer.


Membership Annual Fees

  • $960 ($80/month) for two persons living in a single residence

  • $680 ($57/month) for an individual member


Membership Fee Assistance Program

Thanks to a generous grant from The Episcopal Communities & Services and other contributions, there are two membership fee assistance programs available, both based upon annual incomes: 

  • If your income is between $32,000 and $50,000, you pay half the dues - $480 ($40/month) for two persons living in a single residence and $340 ($29/month) for one person.

  • If your income is below $32,000, two people living in the same residence will pay annual dues of $180 ($15/month) and an individual will pay $120 ($10/month). 

If you require any further information about anything to do with membership fees and the benefits of joining the Pasadena Village community, please contact us at
626-765-6037 or go to